Project funded!

 Update January 13, 2011: 

As of November 23, my project was successfully funded.  The artist, Melissa, is working feverishly on the book cover and an icon for the podcast, and I'm going through final edits.  The first episode will drop soon


This is me shaking my tin cup at you...

I could use a little bit of help getting this project funded--and there are a number of ways I've decided to show my thanks.  Those who choose to pledge toward my project can receive a digital PDF of the novella so they can read it themselves, get a copy of the limited print run of the novella (with a full-color cover), all the way up to having their name as one of the characters in the story (note, survival is not guaranteed). 

I'm trying to raise $500, which will cover the cost for art, music, hosting for the podcast, and the limited print run of the novella.  It's not a lofty goal, but it's enough to get started on the podcast, which I plan to be a series of stories following the crew of the Lady Ansa.

If you've got a few dollars to spare and this project sounds interesting to you, please take a look here:  The Horizon Run - a free podcast novella.